Patients within the Emory Healthcare network can access the Emory Patient Portal online. Easily schedule appointments, view lab results, view x-rays, and review vaccination protocols. Additionally, you can use the Emory Patient Portal to communicate with care teams about final bills, pay for services using a credit card or electronic check, and more.


Grady Memorial Hospital and eight other hospitals are part of the Emory Healthcare network, along with several outpatient facilities in Atlanta. One of the best medical schools in the country is Emory University’s faculty of medicine. It has trained many physicians in the field and has led cutting-edge medical research.

Medication Renewal 

For prescriptions obtained while hospitalized, Emory hospitals do not renew them. To request a prescription renewal:

  • Log into your account on the Official portal at 
  • From the top navigation bar, select “Prescription Renewal.”. It may be necessary to click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen to expand the menu.
  • Choose the appropriate recipient from the drop-down list. Type the recipient’s name in the “To” search box. In the BLUE PORTAL, this is usually the name of your provider. By searching by practice name, you can find your recipient in the GOLD PORTAL.
  • You can renew one or more prescriptions.
  • Select the best way to contact you with questions.
  • Select where Emory hospitals should send your prescription.
  • Comment if you have any additional thoughts.
  • Click “Send.”

The Emory Patient Portal allows one to manage their healthcare online, which is worth signing up for. Doctors and healthcare professionals can communicate with a medical record online,

You can set up appointment reminders by phone, email, and SMS. If you have any questions regarding Sign Up or Inquiry, you can call 404-778-7777 or email [email protected].