Patients in the Emory Healthcare network can access the Emory Patient Portal online. A portal for communicating and scheduling appointments, viewing lab results, reviewing x-rays, reviewing vaccination protocols, and much more. Additionally, you can use the Emory Patient Portal to communicate with care teams about final bills, pay for services with a credit card or electronic check, and more.


Emory Patient Portal allows you to easily manage your healthcare through a patient-centric website. There are several features of the Emory Patient Portal, such as online doctor visits, refill requests, management of refills and prescriptions, transfer of past medical records from other providers, and finding the nearest location for a medical appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions at Emory Patient Portal online.

What is the minimum age to participate in the Patient Portal?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Emory Healthcare Patient Portal.

Everything on the Patient Portal is part of my medical record, including any messages I send to my care team?

You can include messages in your medical record as part of the Patient Portal. The Emory BLUE and GOLD Patient Portals allow you to send secure messages to your care team.

Is it possible to obtain a copy of my entire medical record?

If you would like a copy of your medical records sent to another medical facility or if you would like a copy for yourself, please click here for detailed information.

Can anyone see the messages I send?

Messages sent through secure messaging will reach our messaging team, just like a voicemail to your provider’s office would. A member of your care team may manage them instead of your provider.

What is contained in my medical record?

Emory Healthcare’s BLUE and GOLD patient portals provide access to clinical data from your Emory Healthcare Electronic Medical Record. In your Health Record, you’ll find:

  1. Summary of Clinical Records (Current Medications, Immunizations, Current Allergies)
  2. Lab and clinical results
  3. Medicines – Current only
  4. Departure Documents
  5. Reports from the radiology department, including X-rays and mammograms
  6. Summary of the visit and hospital stay
Is it possible to send an attachment or a picture through secure messaging?

When sending a message to your Emory Healthcare team, click “Browse,” and then attach the document you’d like your provider to review.